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| TRL 22 3.0 Electric Buggy Kit(경기대회용 1/10 버기)

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상품명 TRL 22 3.0 Electric Buggy Kit(경기대회용 1/10 버기)
판매가 399,000원
적립금 3,990원 (1%)
제조사 TLR
원산지 중국
제품코드 P000BDGB
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개인결제창을 통한 결제 시 네이버 마일리지 적립 및 사용이 가능합니다.

회원가입 포인트  무이자할부
무료 ~ 3,000원 (5만원 이상 무료)  |  도서산간 배송비 추가
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TRL 22 3.0 Electric Buggy Kit(경기대회용 1/10 버기)   수량증가 수량감소 399000
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SOLD OUT 관심상품등록 장바구니 담기 바로구매하기예약주문

미국 팀로시사에서 서킷용 1/10 EP Buggy 차량(22 3.0 EP Buggy)을 새로 출시하였습니다.더욱 효율적인 주행스타일을 위해 3단기어 스랜스미션(4단 기어도 가능합니다.별도로 업그레이드)으로 되였고 경량화된 2.5mm 두께 강화도금된 7075-T6 재질 알류미늄샤시를 사용하였고 GEN II 12MM 빅보 쇽은 경기대회시 서킷에서 점프할때 더 높은 탄력을 주어 착지하고 바로 부드럽고 빠른 스타트를 해주도록 디자인되여있습니다.특히 Low FREQUENCY 스프링은 UP 암이 없은데구조인데도 불과하고 소프한 탄력을 줍니다. 새로운 22 3.0 EP BUGGY는 리어윙 각도(0°, 4°, 8°) 를 조정할수있도록 되여있습니다. HEAVY DUTY SLIPPER 시스템은 78T HDS 스퍼기어에 홈이 있는 패드가 들어있습니다.TOE 각도는 2.5°에서 4°까지 조절가능하도록 디자인되여있습니다.

<개봉기---출처 youtube>

<조립영상 16배 속도> 출처 youtube 

TLR 22 3.0 2륜 버기의 성능은 이미 아래 3개 A메인(ALL 우승) 대회에서 충분히 증명완료~

아래자료들은 TLR RACING 팀 TOP급 프로선수들이 제공한 SETUP SHEET입니다.


JR MITCH세계프로급선수 SETUP SHEET 데이타->클릭

그리고 나머지 세계TOP PRO선수들 제공한 Setup데이터

Key Features
Mid-motor design
Revised motor location 12mm closer to diff gear
3-Gear transmission (4-gear available separately)
Transverse battery mounting option
Optional parts included
Revised front and rear suspension geometry
Adjustable rear toe and anti-squat
Gen II 12mm big bore shocks
Updated ball differential
HDS slipper

The 22™ 3.0 buggy has been designed to give racers a versatile platform that easily adapts to changing track conditions without requiring a lot tuning changes.

3-Gear Transmission with Revised Motor Location

The motor location is 12mm closer to the diff gear than on the 2.0. This increases the rear weight bias, providing better rear grip on exit, more entry steering and a buggy that, overall, is easier to drive. The new 3-gear transmission decreases chassis roll, greatly improving the vehicle's stability, consistency and braking. A 4-gear transmission is available separately for lower-grip tracks and different driving styles.

No-Compromise, Mid-Motor Design

Focusing solely on a mid-motor design eliminated the weight and engineering compromises inherent in a chassis with two mounting options.

Transverse Battery Mounting

The wider, 2.5mm aluminum chassis and molded mud guards include the option to mount saddle and shorty Li-Po packs across the chassis. Shorty Li-Po packs can also be mounted fore to aft. This allows for more weight bias tuning front to rear and wider placement of battery weight. The result is a more stable buggy without an increase in static weight.

Option Parts Included

Many of the parts included with this kit are popular upgrades that provide everything needed to build a pro-level buggy right out of the box. This includes milled, 7075-T6 aluminum parts like the top shaft, adjustable rear pivot mounts, motor plate, rear camber block, shock bleeder caps and ball stud spacers throughout. Machined shock pistons and bushings, Ti-CN coated shock shafts and hinge pins, C3 spec hub bearings, low frequency springs and the heavy duty slipper system are also included.

Revised Front Suspension Geometry

All-new front caster blocks and suspension arms allow for variable length arm adjustment. This makes it possible to run with short or long front-arm geometry. This, together with the bell crank steering system, provides the same amazing steering 22™ drivers have come to love, but with a more consistent feel between different surfaces. It all adds up to a buggy with neutral balance that requires less tuning from track to track to maximize performance.

Revised Rear Suspension Geometry

The rear pivot is 2mm wider, giving the buggy significantly more grip and stability without losing any corner speed. The rear arm has also been revised with new shock mount locations and a slightly reduced gull wing effect. This, paired with the popular '0 hole' modification that is now designed into the rear shock tower, optimizes the jumping, landing and chassis roll dynamics of the rear end for the higher rear-weight bias.

Lightweight 7075-T6 Aluminum Chassis

This chassis is the same length as the optional 2.5mm chassis for the 2.0 version. It features strategically milled pockets that reduce weight without compromising strength.

Adjustable Rear Toe and Anti-Squat

The rear pivots now accept adjustable inserts that allow you to make quick toe and anti-squat adjustments without having to buy additional parts. Both adjustments are made in 0.5 degree increments. Toe adjustments range from 2.5 to 4.0 degrees. Anti-squat adjustments range from 0.0 to 3.0 degrees.

Gen II 12mm Big Bore Shocks

The new standard for performance and maintenance, these shocks feature:
• X-Ring Seals 
• Machined shock bushings 
• Machined 2×1.5 and 2×1.6mm pistons 
• TiCN-coated shock shafts 
• Aluminum bleeder screw caps 
• Threaded hard anodized shock bodies 
• Low frequency springs 
• Spring cups that snap onto the shock shafts

Updated Ball Differential

The 22 3.0 ball differential delivers super-smooth, long lasting performance thanks to features like:
• Flattened 2nd operation outdrives 
• Revised thrust washers 
• Tungsten carbide diff and thrust balls 
• One-piece nut 
• Self-centering diff gear

HDS Slipper

Heavy Duty Slipper (HDS) pads and 78T HDS spur gears, along with grooved and tapered slipper plates, are included. They all work together to improve slipper consistency and durability.

Product Specifications
Type: Buggy
Scale: 1/10
Length: 15.0 in (382mm)
Width: 9.8 in (250mm)
Height: 5.8 in (148mm)
Wheelbase: 11.0 in (280mm)
Weight: 54.7 oz (1550g) (track ready)
Chassis: 2.5mm Milled Plate, 7075-T6 Aluminum
Suspension: Lower A-Arm, Upper Adjustable Link
Drivetrain: 2WD
Motor or Engine: 540 motor
Speed Control: Not included
Servos: Not included
Gear Pitch: 48-pitch
Kit/RTR: Kit
Shock Type: 12mm Big Bore, Oil Filled
Body: 22 3.0 Cab Forward, with optional rear fin
Ball Bearings: Full Rubber Seal Ball Bearings
Experience Level: Advanced
Assembly Time: 3-5 Hours
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Needed to Complete
• Motor 모터
• Electronic Speed Control 변속기
• Servo 서보
• Tires 타이어
• Radio System 송수신기 시스템
• Pinion Gear 피니언기어
• Charger 급속충전기

Product Training Video: https://youtu.be/iOOrDikewFg


Item Description 
LOSA4002 Antenna Kit 
LOSA4003 Antenna Caps 
LOSA6025 Ball Studs & Ends, 4-40x.215" 
LOSA6201 3mm x 6mm Socket Head Screw 
LOSA6306 4-40 Aluminum Mini-Nuts (10) 
LOSA6356 Shim Set, Metric 5mm/6mm 
LOSA6943 10 X 15mm Sealed Ball Bearing (2): 22 
LOSA6955 5 x 13mm HD Clutch Bearings (2):8B/8T 
TLR1052 Front Bulkhead: 22 
TLR1054 Front Bumper: 22 
TLR1055 Front Shock Tower: 22 
TLR1554 Servo Horn Set, Steering: 22 
TLR230002 6.5" Medium Downforce Wing, Clear, Precut (2) 
TLR230003 Hook and Loop Body Mounting, 10 x 20mm: (8) 
TLR230007 Body & Wing Set, Clear, w/Stickers: 22 3.0 
TLR231027 Bell Crank Steering System w/Hdwr: 22/2.0/SCT 
TLR231028 Bell Cranks and Drag Link: 22/2.0/T/SCT 
TLR231029 Steering Link and Angled Ball Cups: 22/2.0/T/SCT 
TLR231035 Wing Stay Set, Rear Bumper: 22 3.0 
TLR231036 Chassis: 22 3.0 
TLR231037 Mud Guard Set: 22 3.0 
TLR231038 Servo Mount/Chassis Brace: 22 3.0 
TLR231039 Chassis Foam Set: 22 3.0 
TLR231040 Battery Mount Set: 22 3.0 
TLR231041 Gear Box/Chassis Brace: 22 3.0 
TLR232002 Solid Drive Pin Set(8): 22/T/SCT 
TLR232007 HDS Slipper Pad (2) 
TLR232008 Drive Shaft Set Complete: 22/2.0 
TLR232010 HDS Spur Gear, 78T 48P, Kevlar: All 22 
TLR232027 Grooved Slipper Plates (2): ALL 22/XXX 
TLR232035 Gear Case Set, 3-Gear: 22 3.0 
TLR232037 Motor Plate, 3-Gear: 22 3.0 
TLR232038 Gear Cover & Plug, 3-Gear: 22 3.0 
TLR232039 Front Axle Set, 12mm Hex: 22 3.0 
TLR233000 Shock Shaft, 3.5 x 44mm, TiCN (2) 
TLR233002 Shock Shaft, 3.5 x 50mm, TiCN (2) 
TLR233005 Seal Set, X-Rings, Shock Cap O-Rings: All 22 
TLR233006 Shock Bushing Set, Machined (4): All 22 
TLR233008 Shock Piston 12mm 1.5x2 CNC Machined(4):All22,SCTE 
TLR233009 Shock Piston 12mm 1.6x2 CNC Machined(4):All22,SCTE 
TLR233012 Front Spring Set, Low Frequency (4 pair): 22 
TLR233013 Rear Spring Set, Low Frequency (5 pair): 22/T/SCT 
TLR233021 Spring Cup, Standard & +4mm (4ea): All 22 
TLR234000 Ball Stud, Low Mount, 4.8 x 6mm (4): 22/T/SCT 
TLR234023 King Pin Screws (8): 22-4 
TLR234029 Front Spindle Set for Bell Cranks: 22/2.0/SCT 
TLR234046 Front Arm Set: 22 3.0 
TLR234047 Rear Arm Set: 22 3.0 
TLR234048 Caster Block Set, 5 degrees: 22 3.0 
TLR234050 Front Camber Block: All 22/T 
TLR234051 Front Pivot, w/Brace & Kick Shims: All 22 
TLR234052 Front Hinge/King Pin Set: All 22 
TLR234053 Rear Hinge Pin Set: 22 3.0 
TLR234054 Rear Pivot Block Set, LRC, Aluminum: 22 3.0 
TLR234055 Rear Suspension Insert Set, Toe/Anti-Squat: 22 3.0 
TLR234056 Rear Shock Tower: 22 3.0 
TLR234057 Rear Camber Block, w/Inserts: 22 3.0 
TLR234058 Rear Hub Carrier, w/22 Std Hex (2): ALL 22/T 
TLR234059 Turnbuckle, HD, 50mm (2): 22/22-4 
TLR234060 Turnbuckle, HD, 55mm (2): 22/22-4 
TLR235005 Flat Head Screws, M3 x 18mm (10) 
TLR236001 4mm Low Profile Serrated Nuts (4) 
TLR237000 5x8x2.5mm Bearings (2) 
TLR2947 Tungsten Carbide Diff Balls, 2mm (6) 
TLR2951 Tungsten Carbide Diff Balls, 3/32 (14) 22/22T 
TLR2952 Silicone Diff Grease, 8cc: 22 
TLR2953 Diff Gear: 51T: 22 
TLR2954 Drive Rings (2): 22 
TLR2955 Outdrive Set: 22 
TLR2958 Diff Through Screw, Spring & Nut: 22 
TLR2963 Layshaft & Spacer: 22 
TLR2964 Slipper Spring: 22 
TLR2966 Idler Gear & Shaft (2): 22 
TLR2970 Driveshaft Set: 22 
TLR2972 Driveshaft Rebuild Kit: 22 
TLR336000 4mm Aluminum Serrated Lock Nuts, Black (6) 
TLR43009 Front Wheel, 12mm Hex, White (2): 22 3.0 
TLR43010 Front Wheel, 12mm Hex, Yellow (2): 22 3.0 
TLR5065 Bleeder Shock Caps Alum (2): 22/22T 
TLR5066 Bleeder Shock Cap Screw & Washers(4): 22/22T
TLR5083 Front Shock Body Set (2): 22 
TLR5084 Rear Shock Body Set (2): 22 
TLR5086 Shock Cap: Bottom (2): 22 
TLR5092 Upper Shock Bushing: 22 (4) 
TLR5094 Shock Preload Adjuster Nut w/ O-rings: 22 
TLR5095 Shock End Set w/ Spring Cups, 12mm Shock: 22 
TLR5096 Shock Limiter Set, 3.5mm Shaft: 22 
TLR5097 Shock Standoff (2): 22 
TLR5900 Button Head Screws, M3 x 5mm (10) 
TLR5901 Button Head Screws, M3 x 6mm (10) 
TLR5902 Button Head Screws, M3 x 8mm (10) 
TLR5903 Button Head Screws, M3 x 10mm (10) 
TLR5904 Button Head Screws, M3 x 12mm (10) 
TLR5908 Button Head Screws, M3 x 44mm (4) 
TLR5909 Button Head Screws, M3 x 16mm (10) 
TLR5910 Button Head Screws, M3 x 14mm (10) 
TLR5931 Cap Head Screws, M3 x 5mm (10) 
TLR5960 Flathead Screws, M2 x 6mm (10) 
TLR5961 Flathead Screws, M3 x 8mm (10) 
TLR5962 Flathead Screws, M3 x 10mm (10) 
TLR5963 Flathead Screw, M3 x 12mm (10) 
TLR5964 Flathead Screw, M3 x 16mm (10)
TLR5965 Flathead Screw, M3 x 20mm (10) 
TLR6017 Rod End, HD Turnbuckle (12) 
TLR6019 Ballstud/Hub Spacer Set, Aluminum: 22 
TLR6023 BallStud, 4.8 x 10mm (4): 22 
TLR6025 Ball Stud, 4.8mm x 6mm (4): 22 
TLR6028 Ball Stud, Short Neck, 5mm (2) 
TLR6105 E-Clips, 3mm Shaft (12) 
TLR6276 Setscrew, M2.5 x 5mm, Cup Point (10) 
TLR6288 Set screw, M3 x 2.5mm (10) 
TLR6289 Set Screw, M3 x 5mm (10) 
TLR6312 Locknut, M2.5 x .45 x 5mm (6) 
TLR6313 Locknut, M3 x .5 x 5.5mm (10) 
TLR6352 Washers, M3 (10) 
TLR6932 5x10x4mm HD Bearings (2) 
TLR7100 Rear Wheel, White (2): 22 
TLR7101 Rear Wheel, Yellow (2): 22 
TLR74006 Silicone Shock Oil, 30wt, 2oz 
TLR76004 TLR Lok, Threadlock, Blue 
TLR77000 High-Pressure Black Grease, 8cc 
TLR8201 Wing Washers (4): 22 
TLR8202 Body Clips, Black (12): 22 


ORI14066 Carbon Pro 4500 100C 7.4V Shorty Pack

ORI14065 Carbon Pro 5800 100C 7.4V Saddle Pack

81020350 Xerun 120A V3.1 120A ECS (Black Version)

81020340 Xerun 120A V3.1 120A ECS (Blue Version)

81020360 Xerun 120A V3.1 120A ECS (Red Version)

30401756 Xerun V10-6.5T Black Brushless motor

30401758 Xerun V10-4.5T Black Brushless motor

EL-TX2-03AD Elangears X2 AC/DC 10A Dual Charger(Max 150W)

EGET20237SL Elangears Tiny-G Combo Set(10A) 

SPektrum DX4R 4ch Radio

Pinion Gear(21T~32T/48P) Tooth accoding to your Race style

SPMSS6090 High Voltage Speed Servo (for Racing)

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